Why South Sudan
Because the children in one of the world’s newest states are in desperate need of basic educational resources.
Sister Schools
We seek to create a “Sister School” program between schools in South Sudan and schools in Europe, Russia and the United States.
Making Skiing more inclusive
Fundraisers, contests and efforts to support young people who share our passion for skiing.

Our activities


  • An annual charity Ski tournament. Parents will be asked to “sponsor” their child in this competition. 100% of proceeds will be given to a reputable and established South Sudanese non-profit organization.
  • Actively seeking to form “Sister School” programs at various private schools worldwide. This will give students and parents outside Africa a way to help encourage education in South Sudan. If you are interested in establishing a “Sister School” program between your school and a school in South Sudan, please contact us.
  • South Sudan is a country that has chosen English as its official language. But there is a strong demand for English books and English teachers. So we plan to have regular “book drives,” with the books being shipped to various schools in South Sudan

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With your generous support, we can help an entire generation

  • We are the Shcherbakovskiy siblings, Nikita, Igor and Maria. Thank you for visiting our website! We first learned about South Sudan in a TV news story that we watched during a school holiday. We were horrified to see the conditions of the world’s newest country and were especially sad to see how children lived there. With our parents’ encouragement, we decided to devote our free time to helping.

    Our charity was initially created in order to help children in South Sudan. Unfortunately, now we realize that many people, including children are physically unable to go to school. They are in need of wheel chairs. We still concentrate on helping South Sudan but now we expanded the scope of activities of our charity and participate in programs that help children in other African countries.

    Igor, who is graduating university in May of 2019, is responsible for the communication between us and our partnering charities, he is also the one who is responsible for the transfer of donations to Africa and he is the one who is in charge of our website. Igor, who works himself, donates a part of his money towards the charity. Nikita, who is currently studying first year in university, acts as a ski instructor for children from families who can not afford to get ski lessons themselves. As a professional alpine skier at the World level, Nikita gives a portion of his money earned from the races towards the charity. Maria is the president of this fund and is responsible for arranging the ski slopes, organizing the events and she is the one who gets in touch with the sport schools and establishes a relationship between our charity and the schools. She also participates in the races herself and collects the money on the day our events are held.

    In 2019 South Sudan and many other African countries are in need of help. The three of us with external help will do our best to improve the lives of Africans, even by a bit.

    Please follow us for updates about our fundraising activities and events.

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Nikita, Maria & Igor

Our parents often remind us how lucky we are to obtain an excellent education. Growing up in the USSR, they lacked these things.

So we’ve decided to use our charity and our family passion for skiing to improve the lives of the poorest people.