On the 13th of October 2019 I have completed my first ever half- marathon (13.1 miles) in London!
I have crossed the finish line with a time of 2:51:29. It was an incredibly difficult race. I started off feeling great and for 8 miles experienced no pain. However, after the 8 mile point it became quite hard for me to move my legs so I had to take breaks while motivating myself to keep pushing until the end. I picked myself up and gave all the strength I had left to fully run the last mile. The atmosphere was wonderful, since so many charities and spectators were cheering on me and it gave me additional motivation. When I crossed the finish line I felt completely fine, except for the fact that I could barely move my legs. Nevertheless, I am very proud of myself since I’ve never ran more than 10km before. Especially, what I’ve done was done for a good cause! I ran for those who can’t and now I’m a Walkabout Hero!
This experience had taught me a lot and I hope that in the future I will continue running and raising money for those in need.