Our passion

Igor, Maria & Nikita

From January 2018, I, Maria Shcherbakovskaya am the new president of the Ski4Change fundraising campaign.

I am currently 16 years old and I am studying in Zuoz, Switzerland. I will be  finishing my IB diploma in May 2019. I am proud of my family achievements and our contribution to improving the lives of children in South Sudan. I would like to continue raising awareness and charity money further, therefore, I am now in charge of Ski4Change. My team and I will be organizing more events to raise money and awareness for children in South Sudan in the next months.

I am very lucky to live in Switzerland and have a high-level education, however, I do not forget that there are people around the world who are in need of my help. All of the money we have raised from the races and additionally my family’s contributions will be transferred to PESS (project education South Sudan). I can’t wait to see pictures of them smiling and laughing!

I am very excited for all the future events! Thank you for your support!

Let’s make the world better together!

– Maria.

We are the Shcherbakovskiy siblings, Nikita, Igor and Maria. Thank you for visiting our website!

Our family is Russian but all three of us hope to attend universities in the United States. We want to use our passion for skiing to improve the condition of disadvantaged people. We have two aims:

  • Doing “Skiing for South Sudan” races to raise funds for schools in the world’s newest country
  • Trying to make skiing more democratic and less elitist. Until the 1970’s, tennis was considered a very elitist sport. But then, people made efforts to expand tennis to low income communities. This lead to tennis facilities that gave the world the amazing Williams Sisters.

Now the Shcherbakovskiy siblings will use fundraising and social outreach to make skiing more accessible to low income people.