Cancellation of “Aqua Show” and Covid-19 update

It is with deep sadness that we announce the cancellation of our annual “aqua show” event due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Snezhny resort had to suspend their ski season early in order to help contain the spread of this deadly virus.

On our family side, we have been treating the situation with great seriousness. Nikita is currently working at a non-profit organisation, which is dedicated to providing shelter to homeless people and is therefore, deemed essential. There are elderly employees within the organisation who have all been sent home to work remotely. While Nikita, who is less at risk, comes in to work. Knowing that the virus is several times more deadly for those above 50 years of age, Nikita has volunteered to take some of their responsibilities and has already done tasks that usually are not assigned to him.
Igor and Nikita currently live together in Boston as they battle the COVID-19. Igor is working entirely from home and is currently working to get the necessary personal protective equipment delivered to the hot Covid-19 infected areas in the US.
I have been back in my hometown in Russia for a month already. I am unable to travel to Switzerland where I had spent the last seven years to get my belongings. I am strictly following the quarantine, only going out to get the groceries, to get some fresh air and to hand out hand sanitizers and masks I either find in the shops now or which I have collected over the past month to the people in my locality. At times, I also offer my elderly neighbors to get their groceries since I am at a lower risk of getting sick. I use my spare time to workout at home, bake, cook, study and prepare for my upcoming driving test.

Lastly, commercial premises which belong to our family were used to provide housing for labor migrants who lost their jobs and homes as many businesses shut down. Since Russia suspended almost all of the flights and railway connections, labor migrants were left in a strenuous situation.
We are in a position in which we can help and we couldn’t just pass by.

We urge everybody to strictly follow the official’s guidelines/orders to stay home.
The sooner we all comply, the sooner we will be able to return to living the lives we had before the quarantine began. #stayhome #safelives

Be safe everyone!