Letter from PESS

After completing our annual slalom race on the 27th of February we reached out to PESS to let them know that an amount of 1800$ was collected in their name!  Yet again we received warm “thank you” letters which are attached below. We are very glad to see that our donations make a huge difference […]



Wonderful news

Following the annual ski race on the 7th of February we immediately contacted PESS to inform them about the wonderful news – 2400$ raised in their name! We are very glad to see warm messages from the PESS members (attached below).  We are very touched to hear that our hard work is paying off. We […]



As was said previously Walkabout Foundation is our new partner. On the 13th of October, Maria and four other fellow Walkabout Heroes completed the half-marathon run in London! Maria ran her first ever half-marathon with a time of 2 hours and 50 minutes. She raised enough money to change the lives of two people. She […]



We are so happy to finally hear the outcome of our hard work. One of the board directors of
PESS has contacted us and sent us an email thanking us and informing us what our donations
have done for the girls in South Sudan. Please see the email below. We are glad to have had an
impact on these girls and will keep working hard to continue improving the lives of girls in
South Sudan.



The Ski 4 Change

The Ski 4 Change charity announces with a deep regret that the second annual ski tournament which was planned to be held on the 19th of March 2016, unfortunately, was canceled due to the slope conditions. The new date and the location about the next charity race would be reported additionally.

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