Charity Aquashow

In April 2019 we held the third event of the ski “triathlon”. It was a unique race-show in ski-resort “Snezhny”, called Aquashow. It is a fairly new competition, where a skier or a snowboarder had to ski down and then face a mini-trampoline and land into cold water. That is what happens most of the times, however, to be a winner people had to ski through the whole pool and come out dry. The competitors were obliged to dress up and wear some crazy outfits! To entertain the spectators even more, some skied as a pair, for instance, there was a father and his son who dressed up as movie characters.

Our goal was to raise money by the collection of donations to participate in  this show. We have raised above 1800 CHF which will all be donated to Project Education South Sudan. This race has not only been fun and entertaining for the spectators, hosts and participants but also very helpful for the children in South Sudan.

Thank you to everyone for attending and the provided help from PESS!