Making skiing less elitist

Igor and I have several goals for our charities. Igor is very concerned with making skiing less elitist and accessible to underprivileged youth.

Skiing, while an athletically rewarding sport in so many ways, is an expensive hobby to maintain. Igor and I are lucky to have resources at hand and we also have the great privilege of living in the Swiss Alps, where the snow-capped mountains make for ideal skiing terrain. We have been skiing since we were little, and thus have good experience for the physical demands and financial support for keeping up with the latest trends.

However, it is difficult to get lower income youth to take an interest to skiing, based on the high costs of the sport. Skiing is also viewed as pertaining to a very white demographic. An increasing number of Asian tourists are taking up skiing, but besides that, the sport has often been dominated by white athletes. One of the goals that Igor has set for his charity is to help make skiing appealing to a wider audience, including poorer and black youth.

While I was doing the research for this blog post, I came across this article from Quora.com. It pointed out that while skiing is a popular sport, you mainly only see white people practicing it. It even had some graphs and charts of the United States, showing that in states where skiing is the most popular, there are the smallest black populations.

Please take the time to read the following article courtesy of Quora. It is well researched and gives lots of statistics and data on the state of skiing in the United States among the black population.