Our Annual Race for Education in South Sudan

Our Annual Race for Education in South Sudan

We are pleased to announce the results of our annual charity race, which was held in Korobitsyno, 100 km away from St. Petersburg, Russia. The goal of the race was to raise money through entry fees for schools in South Sudan.

Over 70 kids participated in our race which helped us raise 60000 RUR. The first run began at noon and the racers competed against each other during the next couple of hours.

After the race, we awarded several prizes that were donated by our sponsors. Maria Shcherbakovskaya thanked the participants and said a speech regarding our efforts to raise money for education in South Sudan.

We are grateful to all the kids who joined us during their Winter Holidays. Their parents were happy to spend their time donating money for kids in need in South Sudan.

Finally, we would like to thank our partners, sponsors and volunteers who dedicated themselves to help us successfully hold this race.

Photos of this race will be posted this week!

Thanks again!

Nikita, Igor and Maria