We are partnering with Walkabout Foundation, a fundraising campaign that is UK and US based. Walkabout Foundation’s goal is to raise money in order to provide the developing countries wheelchairs, rehabilitation and they are also actively searching for a way to cure paralysis. The Walkabout Foundation organizes marathons and half-marathons all around the world, participants have to pay to attend these events and this money is used to purchase wheelchairs. We are very glad to partner with Walkabout Foundation as our goal is similar to theirs.


In response to the high illiteracy rates, the mission of Project Education South Sudan (PESS) is to help fund and support the building of primary schools in rural Bor area, Jonglei State, South Sudan. We emphasize the inclusion of girls and women in the educational opportunities we promote. PESS fosters community empowerment and leadership development in order to ensure that educational progress is sustainable.


By The Hand is committed to serving children from the most under-resourced, dangerous neighborhoods. We work closely with school principals to identify those who are most likely to drop out—those who are failing and in critical need of intervention. Typically, they are not meeting reading standards and they often have significant hardships that require special attention to overcome. It is our vision to help each one of these children experience abundant and everlasting life.


LEAP is an academic and social enrichment program for children and youth, ages 6 to 23. Our mission is to develop the strengths and talents of young leaders who create and implement year-round, community-based programs designed to achieve positive academic and social outcomes for children living in high poverty urban neighborhoods.