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Your Support Helps These Girls Pursue Their Education as New Leaders With Bright Futures in South Sudan



All of these girls are in need of sponsorship for the coming school year. For girls whose families would otherwise be unable to send them to school, sponsorships make education possible by providing the means for tuition, uniforms, school supplies, on-campus lodging, and meals. Because the education of girls and women is not prioritized in South Sudan, it is imperative that we help enable female students to attain the same level of quality education as their male peers. Socially and economically, women hold the key to South Sudan’s future, but poverty, the threat of violence and assault, and social morés prevent girls from pursuing their dreams. We are here to make a change. Please donate.


Picture1Anyieth Mach Duany is 18. She is a form 1 student at Bor College High, among the most prestigious schools in Bor Town, Jonglei State. Her favorite subjects are art, geography, history, agriculture, Christian Religion Education (CRE), and math. She wants to become a politician. Anyieth lives with her father and mother, both currently unemployed, making it hard to study. “I wish to study at boarding school so I can focus and concentrate on my studies. Being at home is very distractive and discouraging” she said.



Picture2 Yar Reech Kuol, 20 years old, grew up in Gutthom, Lake State, and is currently a form one student at Bor College High in Bor town. She lives with her mother who is a police woman and her father, who is in the military.  Her favorite subjects are English, Physics, Biology and Mathematics.  Yar says, “I want to be a doctor to help South Sudanese women and be responsible like my father who is now a father of 16 siblings (children) including myself.”



Picture3 Monica Abiei Gai – 17 years old, was born in Yomciir and lives with her father and Mother.  She likes Geography, Chemistry, History, and Biology and would like to become an accountant. Both of Monica’s parents are uneducated and unemployed. She is committed to higher education but her family is not supportive due to their unemployment. Monica was a journalist, while studying at Yei Primary school in Lonuku, which she has now completed.



Picture4 Akon Garang Aluong is 18 years old, and grew up in Laboney. She currently lives with her uncle and her widowed mother. Akon’s father died when she was very young. She is in form one at Bor College High and likes Agriculture, Chemistry, Biology and Commerce. An orphan girl’s life is very difficult in South Sudan. Akon has long hoped to become a teacher when she completes high school.



Picture5Akur Deng Arou is 20 years old, born in Kapat near Bortown, the capital of Jonglei State. Akur attends Malek Academy in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, where she relocated to live with her uncle. Her parents are uneducated, so her uncle has become the inspiration for her educational goals. Akur likes Art and Accounting and is a member of the drama club. She would like to become a lawyer and an accountant. “When I finish my education I will support young girls to achieve education” she said.




Picture6 Yar Abuol Bior is 16, and grew up in Kapat near Bortown, Jonglei State.  She attends Malek Academy and lives in Juba with her uncle.  She likes Science, Mathematics, English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Public Health.  She would like a career in preventive medicine. “Prevention is better than cure” Yar said. “Helping needy people like women and children is my main concern.”




Picture7Deborah Abeny Kuol Akhon is 20 years old, born in Tong/Pagook, Jonglei State. She attends Dr. John Gerang Memorial Secondary School in Juba, and is in her first year (form one). Abeny lives with her uncle (when not in school), who gives her some support, which she does not get from her parents, who are not uneducated. Abeny’s favorite subjects are Mathematics, English, CRE, Biology, Agriculture, Physics, Commerce, and Chemistry. She wants to be a doctor and loves to study. She lives at Boarding school during the school year so she can have more focus.




Picture8Amuor Ayoor Riak is 20 years old, and was born in Makuach Payam, Jonglei state.  She attends Langbar Modern Academy Secondary School.  Amuor lives with both parents who are not educated and are unemployed, making supporting her education very difficult. She like Geography, History, English, Mathematics and CER. She wants to become an accountant.




Picture9Akech Majok Jok is 20 years old, and grew up in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northern Kenya. She attends Langbar Modern Academy secondary school in Bor, and lives with her aunt. Akech’s father died when she was young and her mother was displaced by the 2013 violence in South Sudan, currently living in a refugee camp. Akech likes History, Geography, Commerce, Agriculture, Mathematics and English. She wants to become a lawyer. Currently she is a member of the drama club and the entertainment club.





Picture10Akur/ Yar Ayuen Mayen is 20 years old, born in Bor, and attending classes at Langbar Modern Academy Secondary School. She is now in form four and is waiting to take her final exam to finish secondary level. She likes English, General Science, Agriculture, Accounting and Mathematics.  Akur would like to become an accountant.  She lives with both parents. Her father is educated and works with Gender Social Welfare in Bortown, while her mother is unemployed. “Even though my father is educated and working man, I don’t want to depend on him. I want to be educated and able to support my own family in future”, she told me on phone. Akur is a member of scouts, journalism and head girls.  She is a strong and committed girl with a positive attitude, known as Mrs. Obama at her school.




Picture11Kuei Achiek Ngueny is 20 years old, and was born in Equatoria during the Sudanese Civil War. Her father was killed during the civil war, so she now lives with her mother in Bor. She likes Mathematics, English, Christian Religion Education (CRE), History, Geography, Agriculture, Commerce and General Science.  Kuei is in form four, waiting to take her final examination for high school completion.  Kuei is a class monitor, and the deputy of Health & Hygiene and Sanitation. Her goal is to become a lawyer.  “There are no women in law practice in South Sudan so I want to be good and loyal to all citizens regardless of gender and any background whatsoever,” she says proudly, a smile on her face.



Picture12Grace Anyieth Akuei is 20, and grew up in Kapat, Makuach Payam. She is in form three. Grace’s favorite subjects are Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English, Mathematics and CRE. Both of her parents live in Bor, but she lives with her uncle in Juba. Grace is a member of the debate club at Malek Academy, and hopes for a career as a doctor. She said being a doctor is a lifesaving work. “Doctors are second to God and I love to work with people especially women and children,” says Grace.




Picture13Anna Angeth Awan is 19 years old, and is from Pagook in Biadit Payam . She is the chairperson of Child Right and deputy of Academy Perfect. Her favorite subjects are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, CRE, Mathematics and English.  Anna wants to be a doctor so she can help eradicate the malpractice of untrained doctors.





Picture14Anei Agau Anyang is 17 years old and was born in Pagook, Baidit Payam.  She is a candidate to graduate from primary school. Anei is a determined student and will attend Malek Academy secondary school after successfully completing primary eight at Sunlight Primary School on December 18, 2015. She lives with her brother and mother. Her father is a soldier. Her dream of becoming a doctor has influenced her interest and skill in Science, CRE, English and Mathematics.  She head girl, while a student at Tong/Pagook Primary. Anei has a huge determination and passion for higher education. She is always in the top ten among her classmates and competes with the boys in Science and other challenging subjects like Math and English.




Picture15Achol Jur Kur is 19 and was born in Baidit Payam. She lives with her widowed mother, since her father was murdered in 2013 by forces of Riak Machar. Her favorite subjects are Biology, Chemistry, Physic, English, CRE, Geography, Accounting and Mathematics. Achol is a member of Girls Guard and Child Right Clubs .She would like to be a doctor.  “Helping sick people is my fashion,” said Achol.





Picture16Akon Mayol Manyok is 18 and comes from Konbeek in Makuach Payam. Her father died during the Riak Machar rebellion in 2013, and she now lives with her mother who is unemployed. She likes sciences classes including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and also enjoys CRE, English, Agriculture, Accounting and Mathematics. Akon is a Girl’s Guard top commander, a speaker for the Child Right Club, and is also Deputy Head Girl. Akon has embraced the medical profession, and says “I do believe that I will be a capable doctor to treat sick people patiently, and … when I finally achieve my goal, I will make more money.”




Picture17Achol Maloch Ajak is 23 years old, born in Warkok in Makuach Payam. She lives with her widowed mother, since her father was murdered in Bor by Riak Machar forces in 2013. Achol likes Commerce, Geography, History, CRE, General Science, Mathematics and English. She would like to be a teacher. Her belief is that teachers are the key to success in educating people for all levels of professional work.





Picture18Priscila Athou Gak is 18 and comes from Eastern Equatoria (New Kuch). She lives with her parents in Bor, neither of whom is educated and both unemployed. Her favorite subjects are Biology, Mathematics, English, CRE, Physics, Accounting and Chemistry. She wants to become a surgeon. “I want to be a surgeon to help people who cannot afford expensive treatment outside of South Sudan,” Priscila said.




Picture19Deborah Achol Mayen is 20 and grew up in Makolcuei, Bor County. Since both parents are uneducated and unemployed, still living in their village, she stays with her older sister in Bor town so she can continue her education. Her favorite subjects are English, Agriculture, CRE, Physic, Geography, Chemistry and Biology.  Deborah likes medicines and chemistry, and is a very activity member in the Human Rights Club.





Picture20Aluel Chol Kuei is 16 and was born in Kalnyang Payam. She lives with both parents in Bor town.  Her father Chol Kuei is very committed to the education of his girls.  Another of his daughters, Akuot Chol Kuei, attended Malek Academy a couple years ago but chose to drop out this year.  Aluel’s favorite subjects are Geography, Physics, Mathematics, English, CRE, Biology and Chemistry. She would like to be a pilot. Aluel says, “I want to be the first female pilot in South Sudan.” She is passionate about her profession, and is determined to complete at a high educational level.





Picture21Awuoi Maker Deng is 18, coming from Yomciir buma in Bor County. She lives with both parents in Bor town, her father being Maker Deng Nei, a well-known chief in the greater Bor community.  Awuoi likes Geography, Commerce, English, Mathematics and Physics. She wants to be an engineer. Awuoi says, “I want to invent new things because our county is full of different minerals and I’m thrilled to have an engineering career.”




Picture22Akon Deng Chol is 17, and born in Makuach Payam. She lives with her mother who is uneducated herself. Her father was killed by Riak Machar forces in 2013. Akon likes Commerce, Accounting, Biology, Physics, CRE, Mathematics, Chemistry and Agriculture.  She wants to be a doctor to help needy people, especially pregnant women. 





Picture23Abuk Ayen Ayuen is 20 years old, from Mathiang buma in Baidit Payam.  Her father was murdered in 2013 by Riak Machar forces. She lives with her unemployed and uneducated mother who is her main support, and encourages her to follow her studies even when things are not easy.  She loves History, Geography, Accounting, Agriculture, CRE, Mathematics, English and General Science.  She wants to be a lawyer. Abuk wants to correct the justice system and to reduce the high rate of gender based violence against women and children. She also wants to fight other kinds of criminal acts that grow out of unfairness and tribalism in South Sudan.  She is a member of the Grammar Club, the Child Rights Club, and is Head Girl at Langbar Modern Academy Secondary School.




Picture24Nyankot Awuou Majak is 20 years old and born in Yomciir Buma in Jelle Payam.  She lives with her sister in Bor town. Her mother is not educated and presently unemployed. She lost her father who was killed by forces of Riak Machar in 2013. Nyankot’s subjects of choice are Agriculture, Commerce, English, Mathematics, CRE and Accounting. She wants to be an Agriculturist. “I want to focus and train many people for good farming so, together as Southerners, we can eradicate hunger in our youngest nation,” says Nyancot.