Third Sudanese youth dies after shot in Burri protest

January 21, 2019 (KHARTOUM) – A Sudanese youth shot by security forces died from his wounds Monday, Sudan Central Doctors’ Committee said, the third death from the protest in Burri neighbourhood last Thursday.

Last Thursday, the security forces fired live bullets on peaceful protesters in Khartoum neighbourhood of Burri killing a 25-year doctor and a 60-year man who opened his house to protect the protesters.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Committee said that al-Fatih Omer Al-Nimeer passed away at Royal Care Hospital on Monday evening following a gunshot wound to the head on Thursday.

The Sudanese police spokesperson confirmed al-Fatih’s death in his daily report.

The doctors said they had to remove one of his eyes after the bullet had entered in his head through it but they failed to extract it saying the shot was in a sensitive area.

With this announcement, the death toll of 17 January protest raises to three people with Babikir Abdel Hamid and Muawiya Bashir Khalil.

Sudanese authorities admitted the excessive use of force and sought to justify it by the presence of saboteurs and rebel elements among the protesters. But the videos circulated by the activists give another version.

According to the Sudanese authorities, the death toll from protests in Sudan that began last December has risen to 27, including the three victims of Burri. But activists and rights groups say over 40 people were killed.