Tragedy in South Sudan

The recent kidnapping in South Sudan is heartbreaking to all, and especially sad for us as supporters of South Sudan education.

If you did not hear the news, on February 21 of this year 89 schoolchildren, some no older than 13, were abducted from their school while preparing for exams.

This atrocity is just one of many that happen on a regular basis in South Sudan. It is why we started our charity and why so many people have been talking in the media and to bigger organizations about what can be done to help the current crisis.

These abducted children will likely be forced into the roles of child soldiers, groups of which there are far too many in the region, and for whom only a few might be released.

Although it is stories like this that pull at the heart and sadden us, we must all realize that this is the reason we got involved in the first place. The mass child abductions and lack of education for children is a serious problem that we all must face rather than run away from. It is an issue that affects all of us, no matter how much we take notice of it. The abductors hope that we will feel discouraged by this, but in fact we are even more vigilant than ever. We are adamant about fulfilling our goal and raising enough money to help fight for children in South Sudan through advocacy of education so that they need not fight with guns in a child army.

Please take the time to research the issue and learn for yourself if you did not take a chance to read up on it yet. There are two links to news stories below, one from CNN and one from the BBC.