Wonderful news

Following the annual ski race on the 7th of February we immediately contacted PESS to inform them about the wonderful news – 2400$ raised in their name! We are very glad to see warm messages from the PESS members (attached below). 

We are very touched to hear that our hard work is paying off. We already look forward to organize more events and help more girls! Such messages mean the world to us and we will continue working hard. Stay tuned!

This is great news,

THANKS to the ski4change team. I’ll let Daniel know. This will be great news for him and the team working in South Sudan.

We appreciate you and all who helped to make this happen!

Ray Stranske, PESS Board Chair

On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 8:04 AM Project Education South Sudan info@projecteducationsudan.org wrote: Dear Maria

This is absolutely wonderful.  Thank you so much for your continued support.  It means the world to PESS and the girls in South Sudan.

Sending a check to our PO Box is perfect.  P.O. Box 6851
Denver CO 80206-6851.

The Shcherbakovskaya family is the best!  Thank you for skiing for us.  We would love to hear more about your Feb. 6 event.


Lee Ann Huntington,
Treasurer and Board Member