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Igor, Nikita & Maria


We are the Shcherbakovskiy siblings, Igor, Nikita, and Maria. We are former competitive alpine skiers. After watching a TV documentary about horrific conditions in South Sudan caused by political conflicts and economic crises, we wanted to help. We decided to leverage our passion for skiing for the greater good. We are devoted to improving the living conditions of people in one of the poorest countries in the world – South Sudan – by investing in female education.


charity events held in Switzerland and Russia


funds raised for Project Education South Sudan

kovskiy - Ski4Change - Shcherba


Help South Sudan achieve independence and improve the lives of people living in extreme poverty


Use our passion for alpine skiing to support female education in South Sudan

kovskiy - Ski4Change - Shcherba

Our activities


Annual charity ski events

We organize 2-3 annual events with charity entry fees. 100% of proceeds are given to a reputable and established non-profit organization – Project Education South Sudan.



Monetary gifts are truly appreciated and are passed directly to Project Education South Sudan.


Book drives

South Sudan has chosen English as its official language. But there is still a strong demand for English books and English teachers. We run regular book drives to various schools in South Sudan.

All activities

Our partners

We are thankful to our partners for their unconditional support