Shcherbakovskiy siblings

We are the Shcherbakovskiy siblings – Igor, Nikita, and Maria. Thank you for visiting our website! Igor and Nikita first learned about South Sudan from a documentary entitled We Come as Friends. We were horrified to see the conditions in the world’s newest country and were especially sad to see how children live there. As former competitive alpine skiers, we decided to devote our expertise in skiing to helping people in need.

We initially started out by having annual charity ski races on the trails around our high school in Switzerland. After Igor and Nikita graduated from high school, we moved the races to our home mountain 80 km north of St. Petersburg, Russia, and increased the frequency of events.

South Sudan has the lowest rate of female literacy in the world with just 16%; sadly, only 1% of girls graduate from high school. Many studies confirmed that educating women leads to more peace and prosperity. Thus, we strive to empower women in South Sudan to drive change by investing in girls’ education.

It’s hard to believe, but in 2021 South Sudan still needs our help. The three of us will do our best to improve the lives of the South Sudanese people and encourage others to do the same!

Please follow our website for updates about our fundraising activities and events.

"The hope for South Sudan lies in the young people who want a life of peace, of opportunity to go to school, to work, to provide for their families and to see their country thrive…." – Daniel Majok Gai, PESS Executive Director

The three of us share the same passion and interchange roles.

kovskiy - - Shcherba


Igor graduated from Boston College in 2019 and currently lives in Boston, MA.

He is the co-founder and the leader of Ski4Change. He is responsible for setting the strategic agenda, planning events, overseeing his siblings, and managing communication with Project Education South Sudan. He is also in charge of the website.

Being employed, Igor himself donates a percentage of his salary towards the cause.


Nikita is a junior at Northeastern University studying finance and political science. He currently lives with Igor in Boston, MA.

Nikita is the co-founder of Ski4Change. He takes the lead in reaching out to prospective partners and managing existing partnerships. He is also responsible for arranging book drives to children in need.

ovskiy - - Shcherbak
kovskiy - - Shcherba


Maria is a freshman at Kings College London studying law. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, she is currently learning remotely from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Given Maria’s physical location over the past few years, she has been responsible for onsite event coordination. She is also in charge of arranging trophies and gifts for the medalists and winners of our tournaments.

Maria participates in our charity ski races as a forerunner who officially opens the competition.


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